" You're looking for beautiful art prints and illustrations thats don't look like the usual Scandinavian creations or printed quotes you can see in any interior? Without going bankrupt of course?! Balibart is the place you should go, a French brand launched by two art afficionados that have had enough with the "Black and white New York posters with the yellow cabs" "
" Maxime and Adrien have the eye. And they have the passion. For years they have been roaming the globe to find young talented artists and illustrators. To make them popular, they created Balibart, the equivalent of Zara for artworks! "
" A genuine and lovely idea for a new home or a timeless gift "
" Animated illustrations showcased in the streets of Paris for the very first wild GIF exhibition. This is another initiative by Balibart - the trendy online art gallery - that loves to organise these kind of events and hasn't ceased to surprise us. "
" Art for all! Here is Balibart's lovely motto, a new online art shop that makes art affordable for every one! "
" In the past few years, digital artworks have been seriously trending on the internet. These animated images have invaded the web and Social media: people just can't get enough of them! As a response to this trend, Balibart has decided to make them into physical works of art and to gather them in an exhibition open to all. "
" To provide a platform for the best illustrators and graphic designer of the moment to showcase and sell their work seems to be what the online art gallery Balibart is standing for. "
" The art world is a very closed one and all the artists are unable to earn the spot they deserve. That's why Maxime and Adrien have launched Balibart. "
" Balibart is an online store that offers art prints, all created by artists at very affordable prices. The idea behind is to offer a genuine artistic creation while getting rid of a gallery's physical barrier, which is sometimes cold and less engaging. "
" We have a serious crush on the Balibart art prints that you can find in our current Style List ! "
" This is a big debut in France ! The online art gallery Balibart is partnering with Phenixdigital, the ditigital display network, to present the first ever GIF exhibition in Paris. "
" Who said art is supposed to be expensive ? This question was what pushed the two founders of Balibart, Maxime et Adrien, to launch their art platform. The French start-up, that made a debut in September 2014, is an online platform on which you can acquire artworks without selling one of your organs. "
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