Nino Christen

Drawing is the best way for me to think about life and the world. Looking carefully, stepping back and taking enough time to see what is going on is very important for me. „Rising and falling a part“ is daily life it happens always and everywhere. I trie to focus on this process and search for esthetic and poesie in things and places you would not except them. Between naturalism and abstraction I create pictures that give a open field for interpretation. As a kid I always was drawing. It was the only way to keep me quiet. I started to get better an decided to go to art school. Then I got addicted to drawing and painting. Meanwhile I am working as an free artist and also as a professional illustrator and as a director and animator for hand drawn short films. Travelling is my main source of inspiration. I have been backpacking many countries like Nepal, Madagascar, Vietnam, India etc… I always carry my sketchbook with me and put the things I see down on paper. I am impressed by a lot of artist. Specially people who keep on working with strength and passion and not worrying about success or fame.