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Game of love

The world-famous 36 question game that makes players fall head over heels for each other. Can you resist falling in love?

In the nineties, Professor Arthur Aron from the State University of New York developed a game of 36 questions that ensured players would fall in love.

In early 2015, journalists and blogs suddenly revealed this wonderful discovery. Millions began playing the game and fell head over heels for each other.

Seduced by this new and fascinating way of falling in love, we - Balibart - have asked 3 of our talented artists to bring this strangely powerful game to life!

The result: an arty card game composed of 36 questions illustrated by Marie Bretin, Doris Hemar and Marie Gosselin (three amazing French illustrators from our community), and approved by Professor Aron himself.

While Tinder, Happn and many other dating apps are losing their power, what if we looked for love in the real world not the virtual one? A card game could be the perfect introduction! Playing cards next to the chimney, at the restaurant or with colleagues at the office. No more screen, no more keyboard, only paper, illustrations and revelations...

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